Smudge Pack

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The pack consists of 1x small white Sage smudge stick,1 Palo Santo stick and 1 Abalone shell.

White Sage is used to clear negative energy or even bad spirits.

Palo Santo is a holy wood that is uplifting,calming and clear negative energies

Abalone Shell  is used to rest your smudge stick on before,during and after cleansing.



Angela and Brian Clark have been learning the ins and outs of small business for two decades. The pair opened Zenbu, a clothing and jewellery boutique, some 29 years ago. Zenbu prides their business on its ability to offer customers a personalised experience.

"We like to look after the customer's needs and provide them with what they want, it's what we stand for and who we are." Angela Clark

The store is open 10am to 5pm daily and is located across from the Bendigo Fountain at Shop 33 Bendigo Bank Central in the CBD.

Zenbu Bendigo